Administrative Transparency and its Relation to the Level of Support for the Scientific Productivity of Faculty at Universities

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Zohair H. Al-Zoubi, Khaledah Kh Alkailanee, Adab M. Al-Saud, Hytham M. Bany Issa, Omar T. Bataineh,


The study investigates the degree to which the heads of academic departments of both state and private university colleges practice administrative transparency, in addition to its relevance to their level of supporting scientific productivity of faculty members.

The study community is composed of all faculty members of Jordanian state and private universities; sample includes (415) faculty members selected randomly from six universities in Jordan in the 2021/2022 first semester. The three regions of Jordan were represented: (Northern Province: Yarmouk University and Jerash University), (Central Province: AlBalqa Applied University and Al-Ahliyyah Amman University), and (Southern Region: Mutah University and University of Petra). Data is collected using two questionnaires after ensuring their authenticity and consistency: The first measures the degree of practicing administrative transparency while the second determines the level of scientific productivity. The study used the associated descriptive approach.  

The study concluded that the degree to which administrative transparency is exercised by the heads of academic departments in the faculties of Jordanian state and private universities is significant. Nor are there statistically significant differences between the responses of the study sample members due to years of experience, and academic rank. The findings also indicate that the level of support for the scientific productivity of academic staff, in the departments of Jordanian state and private university colleges, is high. Similarly, there are no statistically significant differences in the level of support for the scientific productivity of teaching staff according to years of experience, but differences in academic rank are found in favor of associate professor rank

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