Impact Factor of Social Media that Brings the Positive and Negative Changes in the Youth

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Dr. R. Aarthi Alamelu, Dr.R.Vijayalakshmi, Mrs. A. Meera


Regardless of the industry in which operate, it’s undeniable that social media has become an essential platform for many businesses of all sizes to easily engage and interact with customers and potential customers, as well as boost visibility. But there’s more to social media than market reach and penetration and it can prove to be a powerful tool for driving dynamic business development too. The main purpose of the study impact factor of social media that brings the positive and negative changes in the youth. The main objectives of the study to know how various usage patterns of youth can create the difference amongst various demographic factors like gender, age, occupation, income, marital status and measure the impact of each factor of social media that brings the positive and negative changes in the youth. This research study is both descriptive and analytical in nature. A structured questionnaire method used by the researcher for collecting data from sample respondents. Social Media users of Chennai are unknown population. To raise the sample respondents and gathering direct responses, the convenient sampling method has been used for data collection in Chennai. The sample size 250 have been taken for the study. The concluded of the study Virtual Social Activism is actually taking over political movements and agitations to the digital world. Social media is enabling youth to think innovatively about the process of raising issues relevant for society.   Internet makes it possible to launch a powerful socio-political movement through laptops and smartphones

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