Open Issues and Challenges for Software Component Integrations in Component-Based Software Development

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Shambhu Kumar Jha, Prof. Ganesh Gopal Varshney, Dr. R K Mishra


The integration phase of software product is one of the most significant part of software development process. Numerous problems originating from previous phases become visible at this stage and it results in delays and rephrases in the development process. Component-Based Software Development is mainly focusing on building of large and complex software systems through the integration of pre-existing software components. The focus of CBSD is promote software reuse. Component integration is the most critical challenges faced by component integrator during this reuse paradigm, and thus effective and efficient component integration methods and tools are in high demand. This paper highlights various possible problems including security, reliability, and increased development cost with the integration of pre-existing components. Through a systematic literature review and analysis of existing work by different stakeholders of component-based software, this paper is also trying to highlight a solution to this component integration problem towards the success of CBSD.

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