Effect of Open Leadership on Organisational Culture: Mediating Role of Innovation Orientation

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Minbiyew Mekonnen Dessie, Prof. N. Kishore Babu


The survival and growth of businesses in dynamic environments depends on their ability to promote and sustain innovation within their organisations. The objective of the study is to investigate the role of innovation orientation in the relationship between open leadership and an organisation's culture. The study employed mixed research approach through a cross sectional survey design. The target population of the study was production employees chosen by using simple random sampling technique. Data were collected using a five point Likert scale questionnaire, descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze. The direct and indirect effects are tested by using structural equation modeling. The finding revealed that innovation orientation has a partial mediation positive effect between the relationship of open leadership and organisational culture in the textile factories and the firms should have open leaders that can foster innovation orientation and organisational culture that flourish appropriate innovative organisational culture to survive and expand in today’s complex business environment.

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