Attitude & Perceived effects of ICT tools used by Farm Women

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Vishakha Bansal, Lipi Das, Vandana Joshi, Subhash Chandra Meena


In the present study results revealed that 76 per cent respondents had favourable and 9 per cent had highly favourable attitude towards ICT while only 15 per cent respondents had least favourable attitude. Regarding attending training 94 per cent respondent did not receive any training related to mobile phone. Almost 70 to 72 per cent of the respondents faced problems associated with use of ICT. The perceived effects of ICTs on improving information access, it was found that almost all the effects have been perceived by more than 50 per cent of the respondents as ICT improves information access except that ICT improves working habits as it was perceived by only 38 per cent respondents, while 62 per cent respondents reported that it does not improves working habits. There was positive and significant correlation of education (.421), Organizational participation (.231) and mass media exposure (.215) with attitude towards ICTs

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