Exploring the Key Triggers and Identifying the Operative Measures to Eliminate Domestic Violence in Pakistan, a Crimniological Investigation

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Rana Atif Nisar, Dr. Naima Saeed


Domestic violence is a worldwide issue that is influencing everyone especially the lives of women internationally. Reasonable development goals likewise underline sex correspondence and women strengthening for harmony around the globe and every nation is capable to check inside a nation in like manner. In Pakistan, women are powerless against savagery in light of the male centric culture in the nation; the subsequent male predominance brings about broad viciousness against women. The motivation behind this examination is a criminological study to find the key triggers and identifying the effective measures to eliminate domestic violence. The quantitative and subjective information were gathered through the instruments of the survey, FGD’s, and Expert Interviews. Considering this calculated agreement, the current investigation is attempted; and various region of Pakistan chosen. Consolidating the discoveries of all the study instruments, one should learn that the issue of DVAW in Pakistan is grievous and needs genuine change at numerous levels particularly the public authority, network, and the media. The casualties are for the most part endured because of social, financial and lawmaker misfortune. These difficulties could be stated regarding absence of training, poor financial standing and Pakistani male-hawkishness where the pad being the empty enactment and formal execution thereof.

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