Effectiveness of OPD on Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy

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Anu Sandeep Kaur, Dr. Asha Yadav


The aim of the present study was to determine the effectiveness ofOPD  on teachers’ Sense of Efficacy  in relation to their attitude towards technology . The sample of 81 in-service school teachers were selected from the  rural schools  in-service  rural areaCBSE affiliated schools of Bathinda District in Punjab.The sampleselected through simple random sampling technique.Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy scale standardized by (Tschannen - Moran and Woolfolk Hoy2001) and Attitude towards information technology for teachers developed by Dr Nasrin and Dr Fatima Islahi(2012) was administered to collect the data. The study was Experimental in nature .2x2 Facorial Design was emolyed in the study to collect the data.Descriptive and inferential statistics was applied and collected data was analyzed by using mean,median,  mode  standard deviation and t-test .The results of the study indicated that the participant teachers attended five days online professional development had higher teachers’ sense of efficacy than the teachers attended traditional professional development. 

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