The Digital Banner Studios become the Cottage Industries in Tamil Nadu

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Dr. M. Suresh


The present study has explored the digital banner studios environment in Tamil Nadu. Digital banners are very important in cultural events, festivals, marriages, political conferences, and other local festivals. This study focused onhow digital banners are designed, which kinds of digital banner martial used for printing. The present study is documented which software's are used to design by digital banner designers. And this present study discussed whether digital banners are designed according to the customers’ choices and needs or not. This study hasdocumented the nature and working of digital banner studios at Madurai and Tirunelveli. The Tamil Nadu government has noticed many rules and regulations for keeping and displaying digital banners onthe roadside, the study has donean analytical report on whether the people and digital banner designers followed the rules and regulations.  This study has explained how digital banners become a good marketing tool and how much this culture has created job opportunities for people.

Methodology: The study has a Qualitative research methodology utilized and an Ethnography research approach used for data collection. There two districts went through data collection, namely Madurai and Tirunelveli. The researcher has observed digital banner studios’ daily activities with help of digital banner studio owners and designers.  

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