Seasonal Economic Impact of Date Fruit on Nomads

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Syed Akram Ali Shah, Majid Hussain Phul, Altaf Hussain Aureejo


Nomads are those people who wander repeatedly from one place to another in search of their surveillance. Pastoral tinker gatherer and the traders are three major groups of nomads, they usually rush to the regions where they find good livelihood opportunities. Major objective of this paper is to bring forth the economic implications of their migrations from region to region. This research aims at enlightening the causes of migration of nomads into Khairpur District   and socio economic implications of the seasonal employment opportunity arising in the date’s fruit season. For, the growers of date’s fruit getting expert and trustworthy workers/ nomads has remained a difficult task every season The basic reason is that, the growers seldom pay the due wages to the nomadic laborers, even they could not feed them properly, for, often the nomad worker eat more than a normal native worker, however nomads worker have proved to be more strong enough to face the scorching heat of sun; dedicated and durable workers. Yet, their comparatively over-eating has been problematic for the growers. Often the seasonal workers are made to work for more than usual working time , rather, they are not paid the overtime wage, for which neither the growers are pressurized nor the nomads make any hue and cry.

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