Factors influencing the adoption of self-service technology in retail industry in GGC moderating role of salespersons’ interaction

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Nasser Khalufi, Khairul Anuar Mohammad Shah


Technology is continuously changing the way businesses are done. Whenever companies face issues pertaining to sales, profit, or attracting customers, they start investing in the technology. Not only the retail business of the present times is investing in technology, but also the customers are also gradually adopting it, and the kiosk system in self-service retailing is the latest example of this. Customer attitudes towards the different technologies are different based upon the feature of that system. The GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) established retail market depends on the kiosk and the customer feedback. Some basic system or some coded in-build algorithm is programmed in the device and can easily guide people to their needs. Internet banking, self-checking machine, the peoples are influenced by the new SST (self-service technology) for them now internet banking is the best way for shopping. In the retail market, SST technology is challenging to accommodate. After some struggle and after taking the customers' feedback, companies decided to build their own SST-based devices in their retail-based market. This paper proposes a theoretical model which exhibits the factors determining the adoption of SST with moderating role salespersons interaction.  

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