Food Choice and Consumer Purchase Decision: Theoretical Review and Proposed Model

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Norhidayah Azman, Albattat, Ahmad, Jacquline Tham


This paper presents and analyses ideas and models for understanding consumer behaviour in relation to food choice behaviour. Six of the most influential model and theories to understanding food choice are explained in: (a) behavioural change theory, (b) random utility model, (c) food choice model, (d) theory of reasoned action (e) theory of planned behaviour, (f) knowledge, attitude, and practise model, and (g) consumer buying decision model. The inclusion of these six sets of models and theories demonstrates their significance in the food choice literature as well as their use in policy research. Despite the abundance of empirical research, that incorporate all six models and theories for the study of food choice, this model and theories were selected as the main proposed conceptual framework for the intended conceptual framework. Following an examination of the models and theories, generalisations regarding the current state of the food choice literature are made.

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