Ethno-medicinal uses of different ailments among the Koch-Rajbongshis of Agia, Goalpara District, Assam

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Sanjeeb Mallick, Dr. Mami Ojah


Ethno-medicine is the study of traditional treatments, medicines, and cures passed down through generations. Every group has its own unique traditional method of treating various illnesses. The Koch-Rajbongshis have their own traditional disease-curing procedure. One of Assam's caste groups is the Koch-Rajbongshis. Tripura and West Bengal are also home to them. This paper  aims to investigate the ethno-medicinal practices among  Koch-Rajbongshis of Agia, Goalpara district, Assam. Data was gathered using a variety of methodologies, including observation, case study, and interview.

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