Critical Factors And Rural Women Entrepreneurship Development – A Perspective Of Bengaluru Rural, Karnataka, India.

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Dr. P. Anitha Kumari, Dr. J.P. Senthil Kumar, G. Satheesha


This paper aims to examine the four specific dimensions, namely financial support, Government support, personal traits factors contributing to success, and challenges faced by rural women entrepreneurship. The focus was on the SME sector in Bengaluru, rural India. This paper uses a quantitative research methodology with a structured questionnaire. Data were collected using the face-face interview to study the fifty respondents of rural women entrepreneurs. The study highlights that Financial support, Government support, and personal traits play a significant role in encouraging rural women to engage in entrepreneurial activities and influence decisions. Each factor being interrelated, achieving the integration among them will considerably enhance entrepreneurial success. The main limitation is the narrow scope, emphasizing only four factors and their interrelations. There are implications for further work on other types of capital. The study being SMEs specific limits generalization. It contributes insights into the need for MSMEs examinations in the review of the literature. Rural women's entrepreneurship needs align with understanding government and institutional financial supporting factors and their interrelations. The role of Government and other institutions varies between prior and non-prior entrepreneurial experience. This study provides information on the role of Government and institutional financial support factors on rural women entrepreneurship. It contributes to a better understanding of how each variable is accumulated and utilized in rural women entrepreneurship development using SMEs' perspective in Bengaluru Rural, India

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