Editorial Treatment of Arab-Israeli Relations in Pakistani and Iranian Press

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Dr. Ashraf Iqbal, Sumaira Yasmeen, Noor Fatima


An aspiration of this study was the content analysis of news editorials about Arab- Israel relations covered in English newspaper Tehran Times and Daily Dawn. This research examined how much attention was paid to Arab- Israel relations in news editorials. To explore the state of Arab- Israel relations editorials in newspapers content analysis has been conducted. Two theories were utilized: agenda-setting theory and framing theory in mix method research. Based on previous studies about agenda setting and Arab Israel relations related editorial. The theory of agenda setting was applied in this research in order to obtain information about frequency and depth of coverage of news media.  By selecting newspaper, editorials related to Arab- Israel relations were obtained in six months from 15 Nov, 2020 to 15 May, 2021 through purposive sampling.  The research resulted the facts that most of the editorials took the topics of Arab- Israel conflict/crisis and Israel recently recognition by Arab states which are highly reported in this time period. Mostly editorials were in positive/favorable, negative/unfavorable and neutral direction respectively. Quarter editorials presented the multiple viewpoints with conclusion. Two thirds of the editorials discussed the nonscientific evidence. Iran press (Tehran times) have content based on scientific evidence.

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