Problems and Factors Regarding Developing Effective Curriculum at School Level

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Syeda Itrat Imtiyaz Bukhari, Dr.Quratulain, Dr. Iffat Basit, Muhammad Wasim Shahzad, Ghulam Farooque, Muhammad Akhtar


An innovative curriculum and effective Education system sets the foundation for any country's social, political, and economic progress. A feasible education system empowers the nation to attain its national goals successfully. The basic purpose of this research paper was to explore the different problems and factors regarding the effective developing curriculum at the school level. The preparation and implementation of an effective curriculum is one of the most challenging issues in Pakistan, especially in Punjab province. Many stakeholders are responsible for this alarming situation. But now, the government of Pakistan has taken a serious and sober step to this issue and PM Imran Khan has shown his serious concern to SNC in Pakistan. However, some severe problems and factors disturb the productive development of the curriculum in Pakistan. For this purpose, 50 senior subject specialists (SSS) were interviewed to know their perceptions and opinions about this national dilemma. This research is descriptive and a qualitative approach was applied to conduct this study. Results were explained after content and thematic analysis of the Semi-structured interviews of the participants. The development of an effective Curriculum is preferably an ongoing, continuous, dynamic and long term process, including prerequisites assessment, its designing and planning, training of school teachers, piloting, preparation and modification of the materials, proper monitoring and its complete implementation, evaluation and feedback of the implemented curriculum. The suggestions and recommendations will be helpful to improve and eradicate the problems regarding designing an effective curriculum at the school level. 

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