The right to Health in the event of disasters and the means of international law to protect the right to Health

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Mohammed Ghatar Daekh Al Zaidy , Asst. Pro. Dr. Osamah Sabri Mohammed


   The human right to health is considered one of the basic rights, especially the most vulnerable groups that must receive attention and full health care in cases of disasters, whether natural, hybrid or anthropogenic disasters, and it is such as disasters caused by human activities, “armed conflicts” This is due, for example, to the inability of this group to access effective health services, and the concept of the right to health has evolved from mere treatment only to prevention and treatment together, and the achievement of the full well-being of individuals, and the right of the most vulnerable groups to health has received due attention, whether at the international level or Regional or national, as it was stipulated in many international and regional conventions, and also the work of the relevant international organizations, the United Nations through convening international conventions and conferences, and the formation of international committees on the right to health, especially the World Health Organization, which issued the International Health Regulations, and others, the effective role in activating the right to health, so that this right becomes one of the most important obligations of states concerned with the application of human rights, especially in cases of disasters, and therefore there is a need for this country to join It is for the international organizations concerned with health, and to commit themselves to the effective implementation of the international conventions they have ratified regarding the right to health, which requires taking other steps to enhance the protection of this right, such as taking effective measures and means to protect this right, as in the case of prosecutions conducted by judicial bodies. Specialized international courts such as the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and regional courts.

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