The Social Impact of Globalization in Pakistan

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Imraz Muhammad, Dr. Saif Ul Islam, Dr. Faiza Bashir


Main objectives of this research work is to know the social impact of globalization in Pakistan. Globalization is define in terms of foreign direct investment and trade liberalization. Generally it has been discussed that globalization have negative social impact on Pakistan. A research work is focusing on the bases of FDI and trade impact on employment, poverty and income inequality with in a country. Other finding of the research work are focussing on the globalization demand for labour saving and skilful labour and its implication for Pakistan, additionally it has been discussed that what are the response of globalization to a state having weak government policies, uneducated labour and economic instability. Methodology for this research work subject to economic view point with specifically related to applied approaches. The researcher collected data, which is publically available in research papers, books, reports published in different journals and newspapers.

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