Crime Prediction System: A Study on Machine Learning Approach for Crime Analysis and Prediction

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Sonali Joshi, Robin Lobo, Joel Syrus Fernandes, Prof. Prajakta Bhangale


What is a crime? Crime is defined as an illicit act, or in simple words, it is an act performed against the law that poses a serious threat to society. Why does crime occur? The reasons for committing a crime are complex, it can vary from person to person. It may also depend on the situation of the individual, the various factors that contribute to guilt are as follows- some of them are longing, jealousy, vengeance, anger, on the other hand, some people commit crimes out of fear, or anger, therefore poverty and unemployment are major factors contributing to crime. All this raises the question, can crime be prevented? Or what can one do to prevent crime? Or how can crime be reduced? Nowadays when the world is achieving excellence in all fields whether it is development or technology nothing seems impossible now. The solution to the above problem is possible with some limitations. Crime Prediction System is a system developed for crime prediction and control. Along with this a question arises that what is a crime prediction system? Crime prediction is a structured approach to the discovery of patterns and directions of crime. This system helps police officers keep the law and keep track of places that are more prone to criminality.

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