Does Workplace Environment Matter in the High and Low Performance of Secondary Schools: A Comparative Analysis

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Muhammad Nadeem Anwar, Asma Khizar, Ghulam Zainab


Every type of organization takes good care of its employees and it is often done by creating a conducive working environment because it has direct relation with employees’ performance whereas an unfavorable workplace environment leads to work stress. The present study was initiated to examine the workplace environment of high and low performance of secondary schools. All the teachers met the devised criteria for high and low performing secondary schools were the population of this study. Based on the result of secondary school certificate declared by BISE Sargodha in 2020, 53 schools were purposively identified as low performing schools, and same numbers of schools were randomly selected to equate the sample. From each school four secondary school teachers were conveniently taken. A self-developed questionnaire was used for the collection of data and was analyzed by applying independent sample t-test. It was revealed that workplace environment of schools whose results in the Secondary School Certificate was more than 70% was found better as compared to those schools have had result less than 50%. Furthermore, colleagues support, balanced workload, teachers’ empowerment, appreciation to teachers, and classroom learning conditions are the determinants of high performance.

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