A Single Stage Soft Switching Boost Fly Back Pfc Converter, Cuk-Sepic Pfc Rectifier To Determine Its Efficiency

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A.Andrews, Dr.N.Anbu Selvan


The role of ac-dc rectifier associated with power factor correction (PFC) is viable in nature and it as unavoidable due to its severe action upon voltage correction, harmonics reduction, filtering unit. Nevertheless Most of the ac-dc conversion cannot dopower factor correction. This paper dealt with several PFC converters in addition with circuit operation and its efficiency. This review can visualize single phase boost PFC converter, single stage soft switching boost fly back PFC converter, bridgeless SEPIC PFC rectifier, SEPIC-CUK PFC rectifier. Among lot of PFC rectifiers to achieve higher power factor, even though efficiency has been seen as major concern. The load performance depends upon the rate of voltage delivered to it. Higher the output voltage with lower input range only can demonstrate how much amount of power lost and consumed by active and passive elements. As from above statement the efficiency of a converter is examined.

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