A Lattice-Based Certificate Less Management Using M-Tree Hashing Technique for Detection of Malicious TPA

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Akheel Mohammad, D. Vasumathi


The cloud server is popular for its data storage and security. In traditional approaches, to provide integrity or validity, there exists either identity-based encryption or public-key encryption.  Both these techniques are overhead because of certificate management. There is one more serious issue i.e., cloud service providers knowingly or unknowingly may delete the unvisited data. So to remove the data with proper authorization and to control the malicious TPA’s, the proposed system implements a lattice-based certificate-less authentication mechanism. It also enhances the search process using multi ciphertext instead of single ciphertext. It also improves the efficiency of the KGC and reduces the space complexity, which is the major constraint for the cloud. The hashing function implemented in this architecture is collision-free and is constructed using a tree data structure popularly known as "Merkle Tree”.

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