A Single Stage Bridgeless Sepic Power Factor Correction Rectifier

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A.Andrews, Dr.N.Anbu Selvan


A power factor correction rectifier (pfc) named bridgeless single ended primary inductor converter (SEPIC) pfc with less number of active and passive components under less conduction loss is proposed in this paper. The novel technology tends to maintain the power factor become unity. Apart from SEPIC pfc, achievement of high efficiency & reduction of harmonics also incorporates with a specified control logic. In this paper a peak current mode control (PCMC) topology is executed. Among various control logic, this topology has concurred more attention due to its rapid development and accessibility respectively. Having switch also corrects the degraded performance of diode under variable operating conditions. Absolutely this novel method can improve the output voltage and satisfies the load requirement and boost the power factor nearer to unity. An input voltage of 120 volt is applied and simulated. Further simulation study experimentally proven the efficiency and power factor of the system.

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