Iot Based Face Recognition Using Pir Sensor For Home Security System

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PavanKumar Kolluru, K . Sri Vijaya, Anusha Marouthu


An intelligence system is installed in this research paper for home security. The Internet of Things(IoT)  is used specifically to monitor the persons who are all entering by using a web application and Smartphone inside the home. The user can be able to monitor the home from everywhere anywhere at any time with the help of the application in the system.  The locking device which we use currently in banks and home or not smartly secure and can we break easily in the system face recognition technology is also implemented where it allows only authorized persons to enter the home to initiate the process of face recognition. The system proposed is embodied with ultrasonic sensor and camera module to the desired functionalities are performed by Raspberry Pi which is already installed to generate the command signal in the system. The web application is used for adding new faces to the database by the owner and it is permitted by the application. Using Facial Recognition, the smart home manager is detailed as Home Automation System (HAS) which identifies the users and also enhances their home experience by smartly automating by the requirement. The user information is collected by the system and a profile is built for the use of which helps to automate home appliances that identify the user by his/her special characteristics. The required item which is used by the members of the family in the home is collected by the system through the web interface and then it stores the collected data. A profile is created by the system where it also captures the face of the members of the family. The system now distinguishes between the guest and the intruders by interacting with the members of the family by using the input of facial characteristics and then identify the actual family. The family and neighbors will be intimated about the intruders once they are detected. Also, the authentication of the user is provided in two ways as security is ensured every time. The member of the family can change the requirement via the web interface freely. With the help of facial characteristics, the members of the family are distinguished so the system can easily identify the user and guest user.

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