Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Health Insurance Schemes among Rural Women

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Shahana Qutab


The concept of Universal health Coverage (UHC) is very important in the context of health insurance and healthcare equity. UHC is based on the concept of access of population, service, and financial coverage. Therefore, nations and policymakers are taking actions to bring health insurance and quality care to the last mile, the rural areas, and women. The present study is an attempt to study knowledge, awareness, and perceptions of the rural population especially rural women, towards health insurance, it’s importance and willingness to pay for it. The study uses secondary day from published literature in reputed journals and identifies interesting insights on health insurance in rural areas. The paper uses literature from the past 20 years and not more. The results highlight various factors such as illiteracy, low education levels, unemployment, lack of health insurance promotion, lack of understanding etc. that impede the growth of UHC in rural areas. People still have less knowledge and understanding of health insurance.  The paper recommends for policymakers to achieve maximum access to healthcare through targeted interventions of health insurance aimed at improving understanding and building a positive attitude towards health insurance.

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