Building Environment for a Good Business: The Integration of Scrum Project Management Method to find and develop innovative Business Solutions in Peru

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Jose Luis Arias Gonzáles, Giovana Araseli Flores Turpo, Isela Moscoso Paricoto, Shanda Ugarte Molina, Amanda Rosa Maldonado Farfan, Wily Leopoldo Velásquez Velásquez, Gloria María Delgado Suaña, Roxana Cruz Chuyma, Jose Luis Arias Gonzáles


Agile and Integrated Business Solutions (Henceforth IBSs) have existed for years, and the primitive state indicates their evolution. In Peru, Innovative manufacturers employed IBSs and agile to cofound goods and services to solve various business difficulties and participate more successfully in their respective fields. However, the usefulness and benefits of IBSs and agile have declined due to the tight project management style used. This study proposes a method dealing with a concept for Peruvian manufacturers. The conceptual method to adjust new income sources in making good consumer partnerships by using the methodology of an agile project taking into account the iterative and interactive nature of IBS development. This study revealed that typical project management as a delivery strategy for IBSs is ineffective. Its customer-centred and iterative philosophy presents an alternate option in using an agile project management strategy. This study shows how the agile process known as Scrum works better with innovative IBS development and presents a conceptual description. This finding contributes to the corpus of knowledge about agile's application possibility in Peru.

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