Experimental Study of Algorithms for Ear Images Distribution in Personal Identity

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Turdali Jumayev Saminjonovich, Mahkamov Anvarjon Abdujabborovich, Tukhtanazarov Dilmurod Solijonovich, Dadamuxamedov Alimjon Irgashevich


This paper presents algorithms experimental study results for distinguishing the ear image features in the matter of identity. As with many biometric technologies, the characteristics distinguishing stage that characterizes a given image is one of the key issues in the individual identification based on the ear image. This is because the program speed and accuracy in identifying an individual based on any biometric technology will depend on the characters that are highlighted. Therefore, in solving the problem, the characteristics characterizing the ear image were distinguished using the discrete cosine replacement, the main component methods, and the fragmentation algorithms. These algorithms can be used in personality recognition systems development based on the ear image.

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