Quality of Service in Cross Layered Framework

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Lokesh S., Jayasri B. S.


Quality of Service (QoS) is the rate of complete performance of a service, such as computer networking or services in the area of cloud computing. Quality of Service is an important factor and point of consideration in the development of cross layered frameworks or cross layered architectures. With the increase in use of cross layered technology QoS is a highly critical parameter which has been subject to vast amounts of research.

Data aggregation is one of the most important techniques to increase bandwidth utilization and energy efficiency in WSNs (wireless sensor networks). There are a lot of research activities being carried out in this field, but a majority of them have a disadvantage that they cannot meet practical requirements in an optimal manner, such as the requirements of latency and heterogeneity of application data. Providing Quality of Service (QoS) in an efficient manner is highly important for some networks (WSNs), since they are required to provide present-time services like audio, video, and VoIP which is nothing but Voice Over IP other than the conventional data service approach. Many solutions have been proposed to provide soft QoS over networks that are wireless and are multihop from other layers in the pack of network protocols.

Somehow, the concepts of layers were primarily created for networks which are wired, and wireless networks that are multihop oppose stricter layer based design because of their varying nature, architecture which are infra structure less & time-varied unstable connection topology and links. The idea of cross-layered design is premised on the architecture where several layers can exchange content or information in order to enhance the complete performance of the network. Accurate results could be obtained by optimizations in cross-layered that brought about considerable research in this area. This paper aims to research the current works on the cross-layer approach for QoS support in the realm of wireless networks which are multihop.

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