Comparative Analysis of Power Factor Corrected HBLLC and PSFB Converter for an Electric Vehicle Charger Application by using CUK Converter

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K. Lakshman Pavan, J. Somlal


The need of clean and green environment, existing transport system changes into Electric vehicles. For those EV’s we need fast and efficient charger. This work represents an improved power quality CUK converter fed Phase Shift Full Bridge converter and HBLLC converter for an on-board battery charger used in electric vehicle application. This topology consists of two converters, one for Power factor correction and another one for electric vehicle battery charging by using CC and CV algorithm. In this topology, the CUK converter is used for Power factor correction and Phase Shift Full Bridge converter and HBLLC converter is used for conversion of dc-link voltage to the dc voltage that is required for the battery charging. This Proposed Converter was designed and simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK to transform 300 V input voltage to an output voltage range of 48-55V at 580W and comparing the values taking all parameters into account step by step.

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