Securing Files Using Hybrid Cryptography

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Dr. V. Padmavathi, M. Jayanth Kumar, M. Saikiran Reddy


Data Security in terms of file encryption is very crucial, every file nowadays is important as it contains either personal information or industrial data. Hybrid encryption is achieved through data transfer using a combination method of symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms. Users can safely send files through hybrid encryption. Asymmetric encryption slows down the encryption process when used alone so symmetric encryption is used for file encryption, advantages of both forms of encryption are utilized. The result is another layer of security with no extra burden to system performance. The idea of hybrid encryption is very simple. Instead of using just AES only to encrypt the file, we use AES to encrypt the file. Then to maintain the secrecy of the key, we encrypt the key using RSA. This discussed paper is a completely different approach which is used for securely storing files. This proposed scheme will also make sure the newly proposed model to have confidentiality and integrity mechanisms.

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