Student’s perception: Responsive Environmental Assessment for Classroom Teaching (REACT) at undergraduate Level

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Dr. Sadaf Zamir Ahmed, Dr. Sohaib Sultan, Huma Akbar,


This research study is conducted to evaluate the perception of the students about their learning environment in this class room, as well as the opportunities to build social skills provided by the class room environment. The study is conducted on the undergraduate university students and the data is collected by the 100 participants by using sampling techniques. Quantitative research design is used for this research study and data is analyzed by using SPSS software. The questionnaire is divided in different sub groups to analyze the perception of the students. The results show highest perception for the Total Instructional Presentation (TIP) with 24% and lowest perception for Total Formative Feedback with 12%. Means scores of the two different genders were compares and the results shows that there is no significant different between the perception of male and female for classroom environment.

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