Hybrid Energy Efficient Eagle Strategy Invasive Weed Optimization Clustering Algorithm for WSN’s

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D.Venugopal, KudaNageswararao


Clustering is one among the efficient techniques to optimize energy consumption in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In the proposed paper, a hybrid approach namely ESIWO algorithm has been presented which combines Eagle strategy and Invasive weed optimization techniques. The selection of cluster heads in a WSN is facilitated by the proposed Single-Sink hybrid Eagle Strategy - Invasive Weed Optimization (Single-Sink hybrid ES- IWO) algorithm with a single sink. It is obvious and vital to achieve the balance of local and global searches, and they (intensification and diversification) are achieved with the IWO and ES respectively. A wide range of simulations are carried out on ES-IWO algorithm by varying the number of sensors, cluster heads and other scenarios of WSNs. This hybrid algorithm maximizes the network lifetime and provides the QoS for the whole network by considering the features of Eagle and weed optimization. Later computations are done in terms of effectiveness of the algorithm ES-IWO which was proposed in this paper, and compared with few standard clustering algorithms.

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