A Power-Electronics Transformer is Connected to Power Systems to Compensate Harmonics

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G V K Murthy, K Sowjan Kumar, N Raghunadh


With the global trend to produce clean electrical energy, the penetration of renewable energy sources in existing electricity infrastructure is expected to increase significantly within the next few years. The custom power active transformer (CPAT) is expected to play essential role in future smart grid topologies. Thus, it provides power system services using a single transformer. The CPAT equipped with a power converter can be utilized in distribution systems to control grid current and load voltage waveforms while operating as a step-up or step-down transformer between the grid and load. Moreover, it can provide other services that any typical shunt-series compensation arrangement provides. The design and analysis of a single-phase CPAT are presented, showing the effect of coupling between windings and transformer parameters affecting CPAT operation. In this project, control of the CPAT in a unified power-quality controller application is investigated to attenuate grid-current and load-voltage harmonics as well as compensate for reactive power requirements and mitigate grid inrush current.  The proposed power electronic transformer has been modeled by using MATLAB/ SIMULINK and Power quality improvement with proposed model has been verified by the simulation results

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