Classification of Hotel Reviews using Sentiment Analysis

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Varshitha Ch, Rohit T, Jayanag Bayana, Sai Sriram T, Sumathi B


As technology advances, everyone is communicating their perspectives on numerous sites. Not just online business locales, these days each kind of systematic lodgings, banks, shops, shopping centers are likewise accessible on the web. They're all looking for customer feedback on the internet. Customers express their opinions about the service they receive by writing reviews on the internet. As a result, several hotel reviews are found online. New customers can't make a decision based on the reviews they read because there are so many on the internet. To quickly determine whether the reviews are positive or negative, sentiment analysis is needed. This issue has been resolved by proposing a system that classifies opinions into five different categories using the Support Vector Machine Algorithm. This system also determines the attitude of customers towards aspects like Food, Staff, Room, Ambience, Facilities of a hotel by performing Natural Language Processing (NLP) on the reviews.

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