“Statistical Analysis of Malnutrition of Anaganwadi & Sugarcane Labor’s children: Case Study”

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Omprakash. S. Jadhav


It is very essential for every one of every age group to intake proper balanced diet. And if care in not taken it may cause health problems. Malnutrition occurs when an individual gets less amount of nutrients (can be considered as underweight)  or too much amount of nutrients (can be considered as overweight) which results in health issues. This paper states the nutritional status of child and mother .And comparative study of children going to Anganwadi and Sugarcane cutter’s children and their mothers. This study consist of 80 children and 80 mothers in PhaltanTeshil. The Statistically significant factors are Body mass index(BMI) of mother, children, economic condition of family, education of mother etc.

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