Enriching by Social Media – An Ultra Modern Pedagogy of English for Specific Purpose in English Language Teaching

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Mr. J. Praveen Prabhu, Dr. V. Rema


This research article mainly deals with the magnitudes of teaching English language for the 21st Century learners through the innovative pedagogy - ESP; plays a considerable role for professional as well as domestic success.It chiefly helps out the individual to be adept in workplace with high qualities of aptitude and attitude. It also focuses on various components through English language such as grooming, etiquette, leadership skills, and effective communication which widens the intention of the beginners to generate a strong aspiration towards the English Language. It further aims at various missions and pact with the individuals deftly enhances the lifestyle of the personality.

The implication of teaching ESP through English language is to make the learners to communicate, comprehend, listen and write in English language effectively which also flourishes self-confidence and commitment towards personal excellence. The responsibility of the facilitators should be an efficient one who edifies English language as the proficiency oriented than the knowledge-based subject.  The pedagogy of teaching ESP for the learners plays a crucial role to engrave skillful carvings in the working scenario.

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