Water Level & Quality Monitoring using AI

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Dr. Sobina Gujral Duggal, Dr. Robina Bagga, Dr. Alok


It is predicted that third world war will take place for control of portable water resources. This shows that monitoring of portable water, its quality and predictions of both the parameters are important areas of the study. Automatic controlled Artificial Intelligence based systems may be an effective tool for monitoring & prediction of water level and quality checking. On the basis of this various countries can avoid conflicts by managing water resources properly.

Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) were utilized in this research in order to construct and compare forecasting models regarding groundwater predictions. Artificial Neural Networks are computing systems that their construction simulates the neural structure of the human brain (Basheer and Hajmeer, 2000; Suykens et al., 2012). Artificial Neural Networks process the input data and the information traverses the neural network connections so as to produce the output values according to the input. Their advantage is that they can be used also at non-linear relationships between the input and the output

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