The Construction of Image, Visualization and the Process of Interpretive Engagement

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Om Prakash Das


The process of imitation of reality as the image has been taking place since the early time of civilization. The image claims to be a representation of real though it is not real. Whether it is a painting or photograph, an image carries a set of objects, and an image of every object imitates something. At the same time, the appearance of an image never comes in isolation but Image is the physical representation of how you see and how you imitate. The element of projection and reflection of a certain angle is embedded with this process of imitation of reality. This representation of reality has many dimensions and simultaneously works on various levels and layers. An image communicates a few messages directly, which is immediate, automatic, intuitive awareness or recognition[1] and generated by a stimulating cue. The other message may be indirect, which perceived by the viewer, which could be related to cultural, historical, idea, and representation. 



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