The Impact of Motivation on ESL Learners at Intermediate Level

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Dr. Muhammad Akram, Saba Fayyaz, Arfa Ajmal, Afshan Shabbir


The current research is based upon the role and impact of motivation on ESL learners. The purpose of this study is to discover the impact of motivation on ESL learners at intermediate level. Motivation plays a vital role for the success or failure of the students. In this research paper, the researcher explores and studies motivation and explains its different forms. The term motivation, explains different types of motivation, reviews previous studies about the role of the researcher takes a detailed review on the previous research studies in the process of learning English as a second language. In this research the researcher indicated the importance and impact of motivation on students’ achievement during an ESL class. A quantitative research methodology was applied. Questionnaires were distributed among the students to collect data. Questions were analyzed by thematic frequency and percentage. It has been discovered through study, from students’ perspective that different factors influence their motivation, which either increase or decrease the motivation of learning L2, hence affect learning achievement.

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