A Study on Yoga as the Significant Milestone towards Healthy Nation

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Kiran Kumari Sharma, Dr. Jyotiyadav, Dr. Rajanichopra


Yoga Education is increasingly important in today's stressed world since it allows us to maintain a fit and healthy body without the need of equipment, medicine, or a personal trainer. It is a treatment for purifying the wind and the spirit. In today's stressed world, ancient Yoga is more relevant than ever. Yoga may be utilized to treat a variety of disorders and difficulties that arise as a result of an indiscipline lifestyle, daily shifting expectations, and a deteriorating environment. In today's world, everyone is chasing money, celebrity, and power; we are obsessed with hollow progress, acquiring wealth, and believing that by doing so, we have achieved our life's goal. Today, there is rivalry, conflict, and complexity in every sector, resulting in an increase in stress, loss of values, anger, frustration, and failure in life among students. Yoga should be taught in schools to help children see these patterns. As a result, Yoga education is part of the curriculum. Yoga may be stressed at the school as a way to maintain the students' minds as well as their physical growth healthy.

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