Charlotte Bronte and Her Works: A Narrative Representation

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Shobha Rani, Dr. Amrita Tyagi


The belief that women should have equal rights and opportunities, people should organize activities on behalf of women to protect the rights and interests. In “Jane Eyre”, author Charlotte Bronte portrays a patriarchal society in which women are oppressed and gender issues play a part in every aspect of the character’s productions. He wants to tell that masculinity is more powerful than femininity.In “Jane Eyre”, author Charlotte Bronte wants to tell that woman are not to get married they also want to set their identity and her freedom in a male governed society.

This paper attempts to represent how Charlotte Bronte is exaggerating her own autobiography by portraying Jane Eyre a heroine of her age in the novel together with the social problems she faced as a woman in Victorian era and how to handle the issues of gender and class differences, racism including the religious beliefs during her time. Through analytical method, this research tried to reveal that how Bronte in the portray of Jane and other main characters including females counters the inbuilt conventions of Victorians who suppressed and treated the women of that age dishonorably.

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