Formulation and Evaluation of Ethosome containing Fruit Extract of Phyllanthus emblica Linn

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Kailash Pathak, Dr. Neeraj Sharma


The present paper deals with the formulation and evaluation of ethosome formulation containing of Hydroalcohalic extract of Phyllanthus emblica Linn fruit, Tee Tree oil and Avocado oil. Ethosomes were prepared by solvent dispersion method: Soya phospotidylcholine up to (2-3%)The result revealed that formulation without added SLS and Tween 80 shown aggregation process among the structure. Formulation in which SLS and Tween 80 added shown spherical shaped vesicles like structure without aggregation process. entrapment efficiency of formulation containing Phyllanthus emblica Linn  hydroalcohalic  extract FA8 was found to be highest (73.32%) while FA3 formulation showed least entrapment efficiency (60.27 %). It has been observed the formulation containing phospholipid (3 gm) with 40mL ethanol has maximum entrapment efficiency.

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