A Study of Secondary School Teachers Practices Regarding Homework

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Dr. Farah Naz, Dr. Ghazala Noureen, Dr. Tahseen Arshad


The current study intended to find out the secondary school teachers’ practices regarding   homework. It aimed to explore the suitability and effectiveness of homework for educational attainment of the secondary level students. The study was qualitative in nature. All public and private secondary school teachers of District Lahore were the population of this study. Ten teachers, 5 from private and 5 from public schools were selected as the sample of the study by using purposive sampling technique.  Semi-structured interview protocol was developed to gain in depth information from the study participants. After completion of data collection, thematic analysis was used to analyze the data. Findings of the study revealed that secondary school teachers assigned homework that help students for their academic improvement and clarity of the content taught in the classroom. The major challenge for secondary school teachers while designing homework is to consider the individual differences of students and time required to give constructive feedback. Teachers in private school take homework more seriously as compare to public schools. The study suggested that the challenges to design effective homework can be overcome through proper training of the teachers, planning of the assigned homework and good time management from teacher part.

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