Intra- Regional Trade Practices in the Period of Covid- 19 Pandemic: A Study on India and Bimstec Countries

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Prof. N. U. K. Shervani, Dr. Jyotsna, Dr. Saroj Rani


The common history and shared cultural heritage are the backbone of BIMSTEC countries for understanding and respect for each other. In the period of COVID 19 Pandemic like other countries of the world BIMSTEC countries was also initially response to restrict trade, travel and other forms of connectivity. This Paper focuses on socio- economic environment of economic integration on intra- regional trade between India and BIMSTEC countries in the troubled times. The Gravity model shows theoretical justification of intra- regional trade annd        applies  the  generalized  gravity model   to  analyses  the  India  and  BIMSTEC  trade with its major  trading  partners. The empirical findings suggest that India and BIMSTEC has positively associated with both intra-regional trades. This paper recommends that goal-oriented policies and strong political commitment towards economic integration are needed in the region.

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