The Pandemic and its Social Impact : In Context to Bengali Literature

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Mr. Subrata Roy


Each time when the pandemic arrives in the world, it questioned the human power of dominance over the forces of disease. It tries to control and rule the human force by spreading the fear of human survival. It gives rise to invisible evilness of suffering which is uncontrollable, resulting in worry, panic, heartbreak, suffering and death, at the time of entry. Literature is the sole medium that keeps a record of human agony. The way Covid-19 is making people write about their individual life story in a form of a poem, song, life history, similarly in past Bengali literature, the experience faced by the human race at the time of pandemic is documented in form of stories, novels, dramas, poems and lyrics. This article will explore the writing on the pandemic in various Bengali literature starting from Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay to ManikBandhopadhya helps to understand the social impact of life-threatening situations and the history of misery, sorrows, social distancing, death, untouchability, quarantine, fear of human being at the various times of Pandemic outbreak.

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