Perspective strategy of Islam for Treatment Poverty

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Wahidullah Azami, Fizullah Qazizadah, Rahmatullah Azimi


The existence of the poor and the rich in the world is as old as humanity itself. If the ancient possible civilization is analyzed critically, one finds both upper and poor classes as defining parts of the society. In different ages across history, many attempts were made to eradicate poverty, but with little or no success.  In  the  present  modern  age,  the breach  between  the  rich and  the  poor  is increasing  to  an alarming degree. On one hand, we have the elite classwhich has easy access to allnecessities and luxuries of life; however, on the other hand, we have the great majority of people, termed as the poor or deprived class, living from hand to mouth. Islam instructs the rich class to help the poor class.  This action is termed as “Sadqa” in Islamic Sharia. Islam promises great rewards for the people adhering to this command of the Almighty, and warns the defiant of wrath of Allah. If everyone in the world obeys this command of Allah and in accordance with his/her capability, provides financial assistance to the needy, we will be able to solve the problem of poverty to an acceptable degree. This research paper throws light on the Islamic strategies which can be adopted to resolve the terrible social problem named “Poverty”.

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