An Empirical Study on Work Life Balance of Professional Social Worker in India

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Asra Sadaf


Social workers are always on the go, dealing with a variety of emotionally challenging circumstances. While social workers may be praised and thanked for their efforts, devoting too much time to their jobs without balancing their personal lives may lead to burnout and is not sustainable. People who choose this profession are committed to assisting and caring for others, but social workers must remember to look after themselves first.

Trying to balance relationships and family duties while still finding time for yourself may be difficult when you have such a hectic schedule. As if anxiety wasn't awful enough, too much mental stress might weaken your immune system and raise your blood pressure. Managing such stress necessitates improved self-care and, as a consequence, a better work-life balance.

The present paper discussed about the Work life balance of professional social worker in India. The major objectives of present research is to understand the concept of work life balance and background of social work profession, to analyze the factors influencing the work life balance of social worker and also to study whether social worker can balance their work factors and life factors.

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