Preliminary Feasibility Study of Colorimetric Properties as An Assessment Tool for Cost-Effective Dye Impregnated Paper Gamma Dosimeters

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I.B. Das Sarma, D.V. Parwate, D.S. Bhowmick


Gamma radiations are known to bring about radiolysis of myriad compounds / dyes which is used to measure of the energy of the incident radiation on the system. The use of various dye solutions for chemical dosimetry is reported in literature. Various thin film dosimeters, semi-conductor dosimeters are also reported and widely used. Similarly γ - dose quantification using paper or polymer impregnated with dyes has also been reported. In the present study, decolouration due to gamma radiation of various dye impregnated papers viz. Gentian Violet (GV), Malachite Blue (MB), Malachite Green (MG), Brilliant Yellow (BY) and Congo Red (CR) has been investigated using device independent colour parameters. The colour analysis was done by standard procedures of Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage CIE. Color has mind dependency so to eliminate the errors in determination colour parameters are evaluated.

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