Gendering Sports: A Study of Selected Text Unbreakable, an Autobiography by M.C. Mary Kom

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Upasana Handique, Heena Saikia


 The topics including race, gender, history and sexual orientation play major roles in women's participation in sport. Women’s participation in sport can create a substantial contribution to social life and tradition development. Throughout the history of sport, it has been known that the arena of sport is mainly male dominated. Since time immemorial, the society has constructed the order that it seems natural where  man belongs to marketplace, woman belongs to household chores, woman the mistress of  domesticity, man the master of all else, man the rational thinker, woman the guardian of morals, man dominant, and woman subordinate. Although it is believed that the status of women in North East India is comparatively better than that of mainstream India and since ancient times women have been playing a vital role in contributing to the peace and progress of the region. Many inspirational women from the region have been pioneers and leaders, breaking gender barriers and making considerable progress in diverse fields. The path towards success is no bed of roses for womenfolk especially when it comes to sports. Besides, one's racial or ethnic background greatly shapes the experience they may have in sport. One of such inspirational woman who has carved a niche is Mary Kom, hails from Manipur whose contribution is immense in the field of sports.  This paper will specifically focus on the struggles that she has faced during her sports career which is reflected in her autobiography entitled Unbreakable.

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