Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Tear Film for Imaging Technology Professional Who Are Daily Exposed To X-Ray

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Ms. Anuradha Rauniyar, Mr. Rajib Mandal, Ramachandra V. Shet, Mr. Sourin Pal



To compare the tear secretion and tear breakup time between imaging technology professional and non - imaging technology professionals.


This cross-sectional prospective was conducted among 40 subjects of age group ranging from 18 to 40years. Subjects who have worked minimum 2 years in radiology department was considered as exposed group and who has never been exposed to x-ray was consider as control group. TBUT, Schirmer test-I&II was performed to assed tear film for both groups. Paired t test was used to analysis the data.


In exposed group Schirmer test-I was found 23.2±8.79mm (RE) and 23.3 ±7.07mm (LE) among exposed and in non- exposed group 22.92±4.28mm (RE) & 23.05±5.25mm (LE). The mean value of Schirmer test-II was 15.1±6.81mm (RE) and 14.0±6.98mm (LE) in exposed group and 13.45±4.12mm (RE), 12.9±4.86mm (LE) in non-exposed group. The mean TBUT in exposed group was 8.02±2.84 sec (RE), 7.84±2.75sec (LE) among exposed and 12.25±2.85sec (RE), 9.66±2.49sec (LE) in non-exposed group. There was no significant difference found in Schirmer test I and Schirmer test II (p>0.05). But it shows statistically significant difference in TBUT between exposed and non-exposed group(p=0.001).


No significant difference was found in Schirmer test value but statistically significant difference of was found in quality of tear film between exposed and non-exposed group.

Keywords: TBUT, Schirmer test, Tear film, X-ray exposers & non-exposer, Imaging Technology, Quantitative, Qualitative.

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