Relationship between Family Stress and Academic Achievement of Secondary Level Students

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Mushtaq Ahmad, Ahmad Bilal Cheema, Farah Shafiq


Academic achievement of secondary students is attributed to several personal and environmental factors. There is need of exploring socio-emotional determinants of academic performance in Pakistan which is mostly dominated by rural and pluralistic societal characteristic. This study finds out level of family stress and its relationship between family stress and academic achievements in male and female secondary school students.All 10th class students of government secondary and higher secondary schools in Sargodha district were the population of study. A sample of 321 male and female students of 10th class of government schools in rural and urban areas wasselected by adopting multistage sampling technique.A self-developed questionnaire consisting of demographic information and three sub scales i.e. social stress, economic stress and family environmental stress was used for data collection by personal visits. Mean, standard deviations, frequencies, t-test, person correlation were applied to analyze the data. Findings and conclusions were drawn. 

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